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Quality is a word that always represents us.

Keeping a strict control over our production, supervising the way we do it and how we provide it is part of our daily job.

We are convinced that the quality of packaging is essential in the success of our customers´ products, so we take extreme care and dedication working on every detail, from the moment we receive the raw material until the delivery of the final product.

We value those customers who demand excellence, vivid colors, legible information, in place registers, long lasting standard colors, products that always meet technical specifications, and on time delivery.

We have a Quality Assurance department. With a laboratory equipped to give support to production, providers and customers, we solve every single problem using professional sense at its highest level in the graphics industry. Under a statistical process control we obtain a constant monitoring and improvement of those technical aspects that eventually could cause any trouble.

Several certificates and customers with the highest levels or requirement in the regional market support our TRADITION OF QUALITY.

Casabó is proud of its certificates

CASABÓ S.A. establishes that the scope of its Management System considering external and internal issues, needs and expectations of workers and other interested parties, as well as activities, products and services is:

"Design, Development and Production of packaging printed in Offset, with special finishes and quality standards in accordance with the demands of the Tobacco, Pharmaceutical and Food industries".

ISO 9001/2015 certificate, issued by the LSQA (Latu + Quality Austria), an organization accredited by the consulting firms INN - Chile, DAR from Germany and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) from the USA.

ISO 45001: 2018 certificate, issued by the LSQA (Latu + Quality Austria)

“FSC Chain of Custody Certificate®. FSC-STD-40-004 Version 3.0, verifies that for certified products produced by Casabó S.A. Raw materials from wood from responsibly managed forests and controlled wood sources are used, in accordance with the FSC Principles and Criteria® (Forest Stewardship Council®)"